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About Schumpeter Circle (SC)

Schumpeter Circle (SC) is a blog inspired by Joseph Schumpeter’s notion of “creative destruction” – the circular process by which innovation and intellectual progress transform the fabric of old paradigms, into the establishment of new and/or revamped industries. The impacts of the “gale of creative destruction” are manifest in the age of the emerging technologies (e.g. biotechnology; renewable energy; and digital technologies - such as AI, IoT, blockchain, ML, drones, etc., which some refer to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR) in which breakthroughs have led to an exponential increase in scientific advancements and societal development.

Such instruments-of-change have been leveraged by pioneers from multiple disciplines towards addressing challenges such as: climate change, resource depletion, widening inequalities, and achieving sustainable development goals. Driving these transformations are industry leaders from multiple disciplines, who have sought to challenge the status quo with bold ideas and inventions.


Schumpeter Circle aims to serve as a platform for such experts to share novel concepts and inspire others to partake in driving forward innovative developments, beyond the domain of economics. SC authors come from multiple disciplines, ranging from the humanities to sciences, including Economics; Political Science; Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Base of Pyramid Innovation; Environmental Sciences; Data; IP; Biotechnology, etc.


Schumpeter Circle is the brainchild of Dr. Atul Wad, PhD., President and co-founder of Tambourine Innovation Ventures and  former professor at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. 


Austrian Economist and Innovation Pioneer, Joseph Schumpeter

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